12th - 13th May 2017

Nuno felt is a fascinating and creative process. This is an opportunity to be experimental and gain confidence with materials whilst trying new methods and processes with hand felting and stencil design.

Enjoy the creative satisfaction of developing your subject matter to make a collection of samples within a theme or concentrate on one piece of your choice: cushion panels, scarves are possible outcomes.

Further information from:

Katie Wisdom Weinstein
Community Programs Director
Oregon College of Art and Craft
8245 SW Barnes Road
OR 97225

(503) 297 5544 ext 117
(971) 255 4217


12th - 16th June 2017

PART 1 : Surface Design - distinctive fabric design for couture (2 days)

Students will design and make their own distinctive fabrics for couture production.

Day 1 - Fabric development: students will create a personal collection of stencils and templates to customise their fabric designs. Working with nature, inspired by natural forms and textures, patterns to inspire distinctive surface design with nuno felt. Learn pattern cutting skills to create dynamic shape from 2D into 3D surfaces. 

Day 2 - Fabric production: Cutting and stitching the prepared fabrics using customised design concepts. Bags, neck pieces, garment embellishments and decorative wall panels are all possibilities. Fabrics for garment construction may be prepared for Workshop 2.

This workshop will inform the garment making workshop Part 2.  A pattern template will be provided for participants to customise and create their own unique garment.

PART 2: Concepts in Couture - distinctive garment design (3 days)

Students will design and make a customised garment.

Innovative design concepts and sampling to enrich the felt-making portfolio. Careful consideration of specific design related issues for garment construction and embellishment will be taught.

In the style of creative development of haute couture fashion houses students will develop a body of bespoke samples and design ideas as reference material for innovative felt accessories, ornamental detailing and garment construction.

Working from creative design briefs and patterns set by the tutor, students will be encouraged to enhance texture, shape and surface potential in the design process and use bespoke fabrics for constructing a unique garment of their choice.

Quietly understated or wildly sensational – innovative concepts in couture design that will enrich the felt-making portfolio!


Suitable for all.

La Couech (31310)

Montbrun Bocage


Please book directly with:

+(33) 561 981 222
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

24th - 26th July 2017

Pleated Scarves (3 days)

Softly sculptured accessories with drama and style. Create a stunning accessory that is both sumptuous and easy to wear. Learn how to add structure and shape to fine felted fabric by using hand-pleating and resist stitch techniques to manipulate the felted surface.

Level: suitable for all.


28th - 30th July 2017

Textile Translations - Creative Felt Making for Inspired Textile Art (3 days)

Create a highly personal and unique piece of textile art, fusing traditional felt making processes and techniques within the contemporary context.

Level: suitable for all.


Kurszentrum Ballenberg,

Museumsstrasse 131B,

CH-3858 Hofstetten

Please book directly with:

Telefon 033-952 80 40

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5th - 11th August 2017
Summer School week 2

Layers, pattern and resists with nuno felt and stencilling. Explore two of the oldest art techniques known to man to produce dynamic templates and surface effects with contemporary hand felting techniques. Working with nature and the man-made landscape, create your own patterns to inspire distinctive surface design for interior projects or decorative placement in garment construction.

West Dean College
Nr Chichester

West Sussex
PO18 0QZ

Please book directly with: West Dean College


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